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Wow, it’s been almost one year since my last serious practice in drawing. 😳

Based on a Maxxis ad. I just skip the rear derailleur part because it’s not on the original picture only shows the half of the rear wheel. (is that an excuse? 😐 )


Learn How to Draw Cartoon Characters

•April 17, 2009 • 1 Comment

I love reading comic books (mostly Japanese ones), and since a child I had loved to draw these cartoon characters — especially when I was bored in the classroom 😛 I just drew characters’ heads with pencil. I am still not good in drawing the postures, nor in colorizing them.

Smashing Magazine lists 40+ cartoon character illustration tutorials using Photoshop and Illutrator.

We are sure all of the tutorials in this post will be a great help to you. We have made sure to include illustrations that will guide you step by step to easily learn how to create cool and interesting cartoon characters in Illustrator and Photoshop. You will also learn the basic skills required to create your own interesting and attractive characters. We also feature some powerful tips, tricks, tools and other resources that may help you make a variety of cartoon character illustrations.

I’m sure that you can also do that in GIMP or Pixia (created for cartoon drawing). Would love to try them when I have time (when will that be? 🙄 )

Roll-up Saga Continued

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With a little help of two 2-lb weights on my ankles, I am now able to roll up with feet bended. As I continue my Pilates practice, I keep having problem with rolling …

Roll like a Ball

Roll Up

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In Alycea Ungaro’s book, “Pilates: Body in Motion”, the roll up below is the preparation exercise for Pilates practice. This means, it shouldn’t be difficult. Yes, the steps are simple, but …


My Grandma

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That’s in November of 2005, when she can still walked around and came to visited me at work.

I didn’t catch her smile well in this sketch. She looked very happy at that time.

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Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

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It’s unusual that I post a non-art video here; normally I do in the other blog. Now in my moody feelings, I really need some song to knock me out of it.

Wish I were brave enough to say, Non! Rien de rien …

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Where is it? Art Quizzes

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These are photos taken by Librado Romero, a Times photographer, from Met’s permanent collection. See if you can identify the originals. 😉 Check out “Hidden in Plain Sight | Patterns“, New York Times, to get some hints.